Ring Classes start at 9.00am unless stated. Jumping at 1.00pm.

Exhibitors must be conversant with the following rules.

1.  All Riders ride at their own risk.

2.  No horses/ponies allowed on grounds unless officially entered.

3. Entries must be signed and will not be accepted without the entry fee.

4. The committee will refund 80% of entry fee on presentation of a vet or medical certificate.

5. Stables cost $5 and must be left tidy.

6. $5 refundable back number hire charge.

7. Horse/Pony height certificates and performance cards must be carried. Failure to do so will result in elimination.“The Central Districts of the Royal Agricultural Society collates all A&P Show results to enable Secretaries to keep a record of all Novice wins.

 8.  a) All riders ride at their own risk.

b) Riders age as at 1st August 2017.

9. a) The committee reserves the right to combine, alter or delete classes at their discretion.

b) If there are less than 6 entries in any one ring the sections may be combined.

c) The committee reserves the right to reduce prize money according to entries.

10. a) All horses & ponies to be named & be included on entry form.

b) Horse or pony under 3 years not to be shown under saddle.

c) Height of ALL HACKS & PONIES to be shown on entry form.

11. Competitors to enter in ONE ring only with the exception of classes 81, 82, 83, 84. Lead Rein & First Ridden are not eligible to ride in classes 81, 82, 83, 84 & 99.

12. Ponies entered in class 99, Pony Breeders’ Sash, must include ponies registration number on entry form.

13. Events will not be delayed for competitors wanting to enter in more than one class at the same time.

14. a) A NOVICE is a horse or pony which has not won more than five in conformation classes at any A&P Show at the time of the Show.  If a Novice entry has gained 6 wins by the day of the Show, the competitor must advise the Secretary’s Office and may change to an Open class within the sub-section, or if no class remains to enter a refund will be actioned after the show.

b) A novice horse or pony is to be shown in a snaffle bit.

c) A novice hunter is a horse or pony that has had no more than 5 wins in Round The Ring Hunter Jumping. Horse/Pony height certificates and performance cards must be carried. Failure to do so will result in elimination.

d) Only novice horses or ponies can enter novice classes. All horses & ponies can enter open classes.

e) Novice pony classes are open to riders of any age.

15. A NOVICE RIDER is a rider who has not won more than five wins in riding classes at A & P Shows.

 16. (a) Champion & Reserve Champion ribbons will be distributed in all sections where appropriate.

(b) In all rings first prize winners ONLY to parade for Champion . Once the Champion has been selected, the second placed animal to the Champion must be allowed to parade for the Reserve Champion.

17. Boundaries for WESTLAND DISTRICT classes will be South of the Punakaiki River, West of Omotomutu bridge (TBC), North of Mikonui. Combination of horse and rider.

18. HARD HATS & SAFETY HELMETS – RAS Ruling.  All riders must wear RAS approved protective headgear when mounted on the grounds.

19. a) SHOW JUMPING events will be conducted under NZEF Rules.

b) All show jumping is non grading.

20. Pony or Hack may enter a maximum of three showjumping classes only.

21. ‘Moynihan Trophy’ & sash for Mare most suitable for breeding winners from all classes to be judged at the conclusion of all ridden classes—in hack ring.

22. Only standardbreds with the official NZ Harness Racing Conference freeze brand are eligible to enter class 108.

23. This show supports the RAS ‘Yellow Card’ system, which will operate in the Equestrian Section of all RAS affiliated Shows and will be offered for any inappropriate behaviour towards Show officials, judges,fellow competitors or any other third party connected with the Show bringing the equestrian discipline into disrepute, or cases which are of a less serious nature to the above in accordance with the Conduct of Members, Owners, Lessees, Competitors and Judges Rulebook and rule 13 of the RAS Constitution. Implementation of the ‘Yellow Card’ will be in accordance of the RAS Rules that accompanied this Card, and full wording of the “Yellow Card’ system is available to view on the RAS website.

24. The use of tranquillisers, stimulants or any substance which affects the performance of horses or ponies is forbidden. Competitors are advised that tests for Forbidden Substance may be carried out under FSJC procedures (Ref 10 of the RAS By Laws and Regulations Section 55A). Your signature on the entry form, and or participation on competition denotes acceptance of these conditions (Ref. Rule 89 of RAS Equestrian Competitors and Judges Rule Book.

25. Any person lodging a protest must deposit the sum of $20 which will be forfeited if the protest is not allowed. The protest must be lodged within an hour of the event in dispute.

26. Prize money: First $5, second $3, third $2 unless stated. 1 to 3 entries, 1st prize only will be paid, 4, 5 and 6 entries, 2nd prize will be paid. 7 entries, 3rd prize will be paid.

27. The scale of points shall be FIRST 6, SECOND 4, THIRD 2, FOURTH 1, if award made by judge. Champion – 2 extra points, Reserve Champion – 1 extra point.

This show does not qualify competitors or horses/ponies for any Royal A&P Shows/Events, Showing Championships or HOY.


Start 9.00am on grass track out from Grand Stand.
28. a) To be run under NZMHA Rules.
b) All Horses must have a current RAS Height Certificate.
c) All horses must be registered with NZMHA or National Miniature Horse Society.
d) Height for age rules apply.
e) Champion & Reserve Champion ribbons will be distributed in all sections where appropriate.

No Late Entries Accepted


Entry Fees:

Members $4.00

Non-Members $5.00


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